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Our voices

Igor Taradaikin
Voiceover and dubbing talent. He has scored more than 400 roles. The following popular Hollywood actors speak in Igor’s voice– Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Adrian Brody and many others.
Prokhor Chekhovskoy
This theater and movie actor constantly grants his voice to various characters of Hollywood movies. The leading character of “Back to the Future” legendary trilogy - Marty McFly has started speaking Russian thanks to Prokhor’s contribution.
Olga Sirina
Olga has huge experience of work in the field of voiceover and dubbing. For the entire period of career she has adopted children voices perfectly, whether it is ginger character of movies series about Harry Potter - Ron Weasley, or young female voice of the lead character of “The Vampire Diaries” film series.
Alexander Luchinin
Young talented actor of movies and voiceover.
Yuriy Malyarov
Soviet and Russian actor, voiceover talent and dubbing master.