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Literary translation of fiction and non-fiction movies and series from any language.

Voicing over the foreign content keeping the voices of original actors. You can choose between single or multi voice-over depending on your needs, up to full recast.

Replacement of the original voices with the translated ones. Proper acting and impeccable voicing of each sound. Precise synchronization of the sound with the articulation on the screen.

Translation with time-coding, creation of subtitles with further overlaying them over the footage.

Voicing with preliminary casting of voice actors for characters and narrators. Creation of unique music background (soundtrack or main theme).

Individual selection of actors to unfold multiple shades of meaning and emotion, conveyed by the original piece of work. Our narrators are professionals with year of voicing experience.

Creation of sound clips and audio advertisement starting from script to the final product. Our team of professionals and modern studio equipment enable us to achieve top quality results, which are trusted by our customers.