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Our voices

Tatyana Veselkina
Honored Artist of Russia. Voiceover and dubbing talent. Famous Dora the Explorer, little ponies, Rider from “Pow Patrol” – they are her characters.
Natalya Kaznacheyeva
Soviet and Russian actress, voiceover icon. Emma, Thompson, Eva Mendes, Isabella Rossellini, the list of characters, who have started speaking Russian thanks to Natalya, is endless.
Sergey Kazakov
Voiceover and dubbing talent with many years of experience.
Taissiya Trishina
Young ringing and clear voice. Taissiya’s voice can be listened to in game programs and voiceover.
Gleb Petrov
Young voiceover and dubbing talent. As it is known, all the ways are opened for young people everywhere. So, Gleb’s voice is used in continuance of «Tween Peaks» film series. He is involved in feature series and documentary movies for cable television on a full-time basis.