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Our voices

Pavel Dorofeyev
Talented actor of movies. He is able to score widely different types of characters.
Nina Luneva
Actress of movies, movies dubbing and voiceover master.
Alexander Voyevodin
Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Alexander has been working in the field of dubbing since the 80th of the last century. Feature films, animated cartoons and Mexican soap-operas are in this artist’s control thanks to his voice. Woody Harrelson, Bill Nighy, Nick Nolte and others are speaking in his voice.
Alexander Noskov
Service record of Alexander's roles in dubbing is not second to none of his colleagues. A number of Hollywood films and celebrities, to whom this actor granted his voice in the Russian films distribution, is quite extensive. Brian Cranston and Keanu Reeves, Vinsan Kassel and dozens of others are there.
Gennadiy Novikov
Dubbing talent.